“Working with Greg has been fantastic. Not only is he easy going and eager to ensure we have the best final video, but he’s proactive in thinking about how we might want to tell the story. The videos we’ve done have been integral at communicating the brand’s story to people who weren’t intimately involved in the day-to-day aspects of research. And here we are 2+ years later and those videos are still widely viewed!”
– Neva Shah, Vice President, Brand Strategy, DB5

“Greg's work has helped Talk Shoppe bring client insights to life in a dynamic, vibrant way. Additionally, Greg has been a fantastic partner in pioneering new and innovative ways to capture consumer behavior on film in an organic, holistic way.”
– Ruth Behr & Liana Morgado, Managing Partners, Talk Shoppe 

"Having worked with Greg since he was a researcher, I can unequivocally say he has a penchant for combining both research perspective and videographic storytelling into a comprehensive communication piece. It is this versatility and dynamic talent that make him a valuable part of any research team."
– James Chin, Head of Design, THREE Group

“Greg Hasty is the best. His abilities to tell a visually compelling story that present key research findings have made us and our clients very happy. Greg's background as a researcher also means that he gets what we need and what our clients will want too. When we work with him we can rest easy that his videos will help tell the story from the research that brings consumers to life in a compelling and impactful way. He's always professional, will go out of his way to over-deliver and is fun to work with. We give 5 stars for Hasty Storytelling!”
– Julie Smith & Laura Albers, Co-founders of Kaleidoscope, LLC

Video samples used ONLY with client permission.