Live Streaming


Hasty Storytelling is now offering live streaming services for focus groups, ethnographies and other types of research. 

Many live streaming services are limited in both service and quality. We're bringing a simplified and secure service to allow us to broadcast your research from virtually anywhere, which the same quality that you see from our video deliverables. Our Live Streaming service is cheaper, more efficient, more capable and better quality than the current top services.

Benefits of using Hasty Storytelling for live streaming include:

  • Our videographers are trained to film and host the live stream service at the same time, while we monitor remotely. This increases the efficiency of the service and also is less hoops for you to jump through for questions or troubleshooting. You can contact me directly.

  • The quality of the service is as if you were looking through our film-quality cameras, because you are literally seeing what we see!

  • Rather than being restricted to focus group facilities, we can stream from the field, in-home and internationally! This can really maximize the reach of your research, keep costs down as less people need to be present, and keep the pressure off researchers to show more results while in the field.

  • No storage limits of your low resolution videos online and I'm your direct contact for your stored files (which can be stored forever on their own hard-drive).

  • Lastly, we're able to keep costs low and competitive compared to other services.