Greg Hasty Video Storytelling began in 2012 when then-quantitative researcher, Greg Hasty, felt there was a missed opportunity for professional level visual communications to presenting research data. Though he had a passion for consumer insights, Greg was always drawn to creative outlets and teaching himself how to work in multiple artistic platforms. While working at the boutique research agency, Hall & Partners, in Los Angeles, CA, in 2008, he was influenced by the idea of visual strategy and an intimate style of service, which only fueled the idea of bringing professional level visual talent to the research arena. Throughout his duration with Hall & Partners, Greg would be exposed to qualitative styles of research, which were typically filmed with a low-quality camera in a mostly automated process. Beyond the poor delivery these suppliers provided, the video was practically unusable to clients and most were never seen again. It was here that he saw an opportunity - If there was a way to create high quality and engaging video content during the research process, this could be a uniquely powerful tool for researchers and their clients.

It was then that Greg began honing his skills, returning home most nights from a 14+ hour a day job to practice video editing and camera work late into the night. His team gave him opportunities to use these ideas for a number of creative pitches and proposals, but these had to be done with already-filmed footage, of very poor quality. Greg eventually decided to go freelance and try this idea from the ground up - he would pitch the concept of traveling with the researchers during their interviews and filming “documentary style”. To keep costs down for clients, he would do all the work himself - filming, traveling, editing, audio & color editing and graphic design. Additionally, he would put his penchant for consumer insights to good use by assisting researchers in analysis and storytelling. Within six months of pitching and building, Greg was able to acquire over 10 clients, including; (Previously employed by) Hall & Partners, DB5, Talk Shoppe and Schlesinger Associates. Within 4 years, he grew to over 80 clients, including consistent work with Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Toyota, Microsoft and others. In short time, Greg has traveled all over the world with a goal to show people for who they are, which is more than just a data point in a deck of slides.